Taking the First Steps  

At the heart of our physical system development is a design principle that is being adopted across other industry market sectors as it facilitates advancement in every aspect of engineering design, integration and delivery.

Traditional methods of internal walling construction can now make advancements in its aged practices and bring it in line with its cohorts within the industry. Contribution to the earliest phases of the total design process and a reduction in a reliance of retrospective onsite design and installation practices will deliver considered engineered design and programme efficiencies prior to the commencement of the build phase.

Parametric design principles have enabled MotionFrame to analyse the identified construction market shortfalls within internal fit out, replicate them in 3D dynamic modelling and interrogate and address them with innovative design and realisation.

MF Floor Plate Design.png
MotionFrame Parametric_Plan.png

Motionframe’s developed design logic and outputs is now available as a managed service to the dry lining sector and we’re ready to advance your current practices with the benefits of fully realised design models, outputs and integration for the total build.

Adoption of our service allows your business to contribute effectively at the earliest opportunity and move forward with certainty on any build programme.  

Design Benefits

  • First phase draft layup plans, realising a provisional 3D representation of the initial design solution for interrogation.

  • Embedded metadata includes material performance data, system performance details, dimensional and volumetric data.

  • Reactive design enables coordination with M&E services.

  • Allows formulation and development of the build sequencing of fire rated walls.​​

  • Enablement of installation progress tracking, material usage versus expectations and financial forecasting.

  • Delivers structural analysis capabilities of the light steel frame system. 

  • Cooperative process allows design development with construction partners

  • Foundation design for at site visualisation


  • Level of design detail enables interrogation and adaptation of specific detailing.

Parametric Design

Parametric design is the creation of 3 dimensional models that are based on a series of pre-programmed logical rules or algorithms known as 'parameters'

MotionFrame have developed a series of parametric templates for the light steel frame, dry lining market that enable swift configuration and development of internal walling layups at the earliest stage of the design process.


Irrespective of the Contractors adopted internal fitout solution, the MotionFrame Design Service can deliver a fully realised and adaptable design for traditional methods. 

Contact us to discuss how the MF Design service can place you at the forefront of the sector.