Graham Harrison


Graham is the Director at MotionFrame and is responsible for the Business across all disciplines and all sectors,  over the past 30 years Graham has worked in many aspects of the construction industry representing clients, main contractors and subcontractors from pre-contract through to final handover, in commercial, construction, design and quality roles.

Graham brings the experience of working on a diverse spectrum of projects across the UK and Europe and has been fortunate enough to work on some of the most prestigious and challenging projects within the Industry.

'My view is that construction is a challenging environment, but it does not need to be, at MotionFrame we are challenging the industry to think differently, through innovative techniques and improved processes we are producing products that will increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs and it is an honour to be part of a business that challenges convention.'

Scott Grenander

Head of Sales

Scott Grenander is a highly experienced, self-motivated and dependable sales professional with over 30 years experience in the construction industry. Scott has a proven track record of sales and account management across the construction landscape including offsite manufacturing, commercial build and fit-out, refurbishment and the new build arena.

Scott focuses on the importance of building good working relationships that are formed on a basis of trust, reliability and delivery. Scott is your main point of contact from inception of a project to its successful completion and handover.

‘I have a passion for sustainability and am therefore a champion of exploring the environmental and customer savings of reducing excessive construction site waste in our industry. It’s not often that we are granted the opportunity to make an impact on an industry’s technological advancement, so when I was approached, I didn’t have to think twice.’

Nigel Conybeare

Chief Technical Officer

Nigel’s career in construction started on the tools at the tender age of 16 when he was indentured with the George Wimpey organisation. After he’d achieved a good grounding in manual onsite skills, the diverse practices and processes, Nigel moved into design armed with a broad foundation of knowledge in all aspects of construction.

With an inbuilt desire to advance the sector and overcome inefficiencies and aged practices, Nigel moved into consultancy and targeted what he had identified as opportunities in the offsite manufacturing sector. This led to several patented systems and roll out to high profile projects for clients such as Channel Tunnel, BUPA, MOD and Heathrow. All of which delivered commercial, design and programme benefits.

‘We are forever learning. Some of us embrace this and allow ourselves to develop and deliver greater opportunities and efficiencies. Others are less receptive to this ideal and continue on the same path. I have found myself becoming somewhat of an evangelist for Off Site Manufacture and don’t see the opportunity as a threat, but and advancement in my industry that now desperately needs to adopt it for fear of losing our reputation as a world leader. Lateral thought is all it takes, and a willingness and drive to actively do things differently.

Stan Hollins

Head of Business Management

Stan only contributes a meagre 5 years of construction experience to the combined total of his colleagues, which is largely due to a prior career rather than his actual age. After a chance meeting with our CTO and whilst working within the marketing sector, Stan was indoctrinated and joined him on his quest to affect change in the industry.

Stan’s prior background was within senior roles in an industry that had to adopt innovation and technological advancement on a perennial basis to meet regulatory compliance. With commercial, operational and engineering management skills under his belt and over 20 years of 3D design, virtual reality, and business process systems experience, Stan supports MotionFrame across many disciplines. 

‘Never did I imagine that I would find myself in the position I am in now nor have the opportunity to champion change. My background has allowed me to take a holistic view of the Construction landscape, without any inbuilt preconceptions and observe both the good and the ‘not so good’. What I see are great things happening, but what I also observe are deep rooted shortcoming in collectively overcoming some of the ‘cork in the bottle’ aspects of the build programme. Once these are addressed, I believe that this will unleash an industry to achieve great things and fuel unprecedented advancement. MotionFrame will be the spark!'